Park District

Sound Planning is an excellent company! They installed our sound system at our outdoor asked for in a timely manner. There is great communication before, during, and after the system is installed.

The sound system works perfectly. It has all the "bells and whistles" we wanted. They truly listened to what we asked for and exceeded our expectations within our price range. Patrons enjoy hearing the music and being able to understand all the important announcements we make throughout the summer.

Overall, the Bloomingdale Park District is very satisfied with the quality and work of Sound Planning and it will be the first place we contact if we need audio and video systems in the future.

Jamie Meyer,
Aquatics Supervisor
Bloomingdale Park District

Spraying Systems Co.

In August 2010, Spraying Systems Company was in the midst of a major remodel of our Research and development laboratory, with a sales meeting planned for late October. Most of the lab equipment and decor were from the ear1y 70's including an outdate sound system used mainly for PA purpose. Having worked with Sound Planning Associates, with our entire factory's outdated PA system, we contacted Erik Saari, one of their sound designers, to help us design and upgrade the lab sound system.
Erik was able to design a system which met our needs, compensating for the severely moist environment and poor acoustics of our R&D lab, while staying within our budget. The new system, which has the company PA system integrated, now allows for lab demonstrations to be performed with wireless microphones, without the intemrption of pages or announcements, and the option of having background music via MP3 player, computer or other external device. Rich, who was assigned the task of installing the lab sound system, was a pleasure to work with. He was courteous and tolerant of the ongoing use of our lab, which somewhat interfered with the installation of the new system.
So far, the system has worked flawlessly and we are very happy with the quality and reliability of the new sound system. We continue to get great customer service working with them over phone, to troubleshoot our ancient P.A. system which is still used throughout the rest of the facility. Not once has he pushed to replace, but instead looked over the entire archaic system in its current state and simply recommended what it will take to keep it running until such time that we are ready to replace it. Again we are appreciative of support and technical assistance which we have received both in person and over the phone from the Sound Planning stafl and highly recommend them.

Mike Ceballos
Laboratory Coordinator,
Spraying Systems Co.


Our prior sound system "challenges" at St. Peter Church were complex. Although beautiful, the church was designed without considerable thought given to the sound system and the implications of having a central altar. As a result, we had a serious challenge with feedback and this required having a volunteer monitor the sound board during all of our 5 Masses.
I am pleased to say, after having Sound Planning come to install the Renkus Heinz lconyx arrays, parishioners have nothing but praise for the new system. We no longer have "dead zones" and everyone can hear clearly regardless of where they are sitting in the church.
Your professionalism was outstanding, especially when dealing with well- intentioned people and you treated us with the highest level of respect. You handled everything with excellence and in a timely manner. Your technicians' technical skills were outstanding and the post follow-up and support was excellent in fine tuning our system.
We would highly recommend your company and we will continue to use Sound Planning for future purchases and technical support.

Lynn Wilson, MAL
Director of Liturgy

Saint John Cantius
Catholic Church

St. John Cantius Church, an historic Polish Cathedral-style church, built in 1893, offered Sound Planning great challenges in helping readers, preachers and other speakers to be heard clearly thoughout our commodious spoace, which has a reverberant acoustic favorabie for choral and organ music. While a lively echo is desirable for the rich sound of traditional church music, the poor audio quality of our pre-existing microphone system was unable to effectively project the voices of those speaking at the pulpit.
The audio plan of Sound Planning came to our rescue. It was carefully researched and scientifically tested. The Sound Planning proposal was clearly explained to us and even demonstrated to us at another local parish where Sound Planning had made tackled a similar audio problem. Their proposal was easy to undetstand and was enhanced with attractive graphics and accompanied by well-written support-materials.
When I have had questions about the proposal, the execution of the plan, scheduling or other questions, the staff of Sound Planniog has been professional, prompt, courteous, and helpful in every way. The result of Sound Planning's well-researched audio plan at St. John Cantius has been most effective and satisfactory. Thus, the audio improvements have resulted in remarkable clarity with even distibution throughout the nave of the church, sanctuary and choir loft. Now everyone in church can hear the sermon cleary.
Working in cooperation with the firm performing our church interior restoration, Sound Planning was sensitive to our desire to respect the artistic decor of our 1893 church building. While our new sound is clear and even throughout the church, the speaker placement is discreet. This perfect combination is most agreeable. We are very satisfied with the audio improvements you have brought us. We heartily recommend others to work with Sound Planning for audio improvements.

Rev. Scott A. Haynes, SJC
Associate Pastor
St. John Cantius Church