Audio systems:

Is the system to be used for Spoken Word, Music Program and/or Theatre?

We understand your budget is about spending other people's money, and we want to help your stewardship be successful. Let us provide a solution that addresses these three C's:

  • Coverage: Everyone has experienced an environment where sound level varies greatly from spot to spot. It seems that unless you get the “good seats” you are stuck in a dead spot with low-levels of sound and you are fighting to hear the presenter, vocalist or musician.
    A properly designed sound system will provide coverage that evenly distributes the sound to all the of the audience areas. And all of the audience will hear the levels at the same defined range.
  • Clarity: Clarity in terms of speech is intelligibility. Intelligibility is the difference between listening to the presenter and following along or thinking while the presenter is mid-sentence and wondering, “Did he say sixty or sixteen?”
    Clarity in terms of room acoustics is the difference(s) in experiencing a wonderful and musical reverb or experiencing distracting early reflections.
  • Consistency: A sound system is only a good one if you know how to get to the appropriate system setting consistently. A good system design will allow the operator(s) to achieve this every time.
Video systems:

Whether it for Presentation, Distance Learning and/or Broadcast...

Everyone who watches television, downloads movies, and uses the web experiences high-quality video on a daily basis. You probably know the challenge to attract and keep attention to your valuable message.

At Sound Planning, we have been designing and integrating Professional Sound & Video Presentation Systems since the beginnings of the industry. With our first installations in completed in 1976, we not only know our stuff about today's technology, but we also know how you want to use it.

We may have sound in our name, but video systems integration is a big part of what we offer. We install video systems that provide an enhanced viewing experience complementing our customer's sound system. Let us demonstrate our capabilities and give your presentations the next level of impact.

Let our knowledge help you prevent the dreaded replacement of recently purchased equipment. We know how to do it right the first time.

We use industry-standard software & applications for documentation

Control (it's all about control):

Imagine operating your new system successfully.

Turning it on/off is the easy part. But how will the user setup the event? What video sources must be ready to go? Are you asking everyone one to wait while you look up the folder for the ______? Where's the remote for this?

Your new AV system should operate just like using presets for your car radio, an iPod playlist, bookmarked websites, or your favorite TV channels... right?

Let Sound Planning design a system that is going to be:

  • Flexible enough to accommodate all video sources
  • Simple enough to train your staff to operate (that even the boss can set up some things in a pinch)
  • Capable of growing into the communication system you want it to be!


To assist in designing your sound system, Sound Planning uses state-of-the-art software & tools to evaluate loudspeakers and room acoustics. This allows us the ability to test and verify system performance before we even order the equipment.

We not only use these tools to help in systems design, but also in illustrating the benefits of the sound system to the lay person.

Sound Planning uses EASE acoustic modeling software to assist designing systems in “acoustically challenged” environments. By selecting the right loudspeaker system, proper placement and aiming your sound system will be optimized for the room acoustics.

  • All audio, video and acoustic measurement tools
  • Optimize audio systems for room acoustics


We must consider your resources in people before designing the solution. Big mixing consoles don't run themselves. So when interviewing your team we will best establish who will be responsible and what will best setup and operating manner to suit the needs.

We will design a solution that will grow as the team gets more acclimated with the technologies, but will always make recommendations that serve a real purpose and not just burden your team with responsibilities.

Services List

Planning & Selection

  • Projector Brightness for Ambient Light
  • Screen, Speakers for Audience Size
  • Camera Sensitivity for Lighting
  • Aesthetic Considerations
  • Design Consultation

Installation & Integration

  • PC & Mac
  • Digital & Analog
  • Commercial-Grade Components
  • Proven Manufacturers
  • Autodesk AutoCAD drawings

After-Install Support

  • Hands-On Training
  • Documentation
  • Warrantied Support